NHS & Healthcare

Our partnership with our Healthcare sires, where we successfully deliver the highest of standards, shows our commitment to our role. Being fully complaint with all the monitoring processes that relate to the continuous auditing for infection control, reflects on our constant strive for continuous improvements and top end results.

It starts with Staff training, understanding and ensuring that preventing of cross contamination is important on all sites but even more so within the Health care environment.

Providing the correct equipment and specialist cleaning chemicals and training staff in the correct usage of them.

Daly job tick sheets are used to ensure no areas are missed within the specification and are filed on site for infection control reference.

Self auditing by our Managers and regular walk rounds and auditing with the client. All work hand in hand to provide a continual high standards and maintain it. We acknowledge that the cleanliness of these building is so important to healthcare staff, patients and also our staff on site.

Paragon can also help in the provision of clinical waste bins and its removal. Sharps bins, Hand washing stations. Antibacterial hand gels, specialist deep cleans, and examination Bed curtains removal and cleaning.

  • Medical Surgeries
  • Orthordontist
  • Dental Practices
  • Walk in Centres