Daily Office Cleaning

We are able to provide a complete range of cleaning services to all aspects of Office Cleaning large or small.

Our extensive portfolio of clients range from both small independent companies to large multinational sited all of who benefit from our provision of problem solving solutions and our deliverance of the highest standards.

Depending on your requirements, we are able to offer either day or evening cleaning as required. For larger contracts, multiple teams and site managers are available.

Our trained, well-mannered and smartly uniformed staff take pride in their work and are proud to be a part of the Paragon Team. We treat our staff with the respect and in turn they ensure our passion for maintaining the highest standards is past down through all aspects of their job. We provide our staff with the realistic pay and support. In return we have great team spirit, and extremely low staff turnover.

Contract Management is key to ensuring the success of any contract and we commit to you to work in an effective way to ensure your requirements are met and exceeded. You will be provided with permanent regular staff for your site we find giving ownership to the cleaning staff results in lower turnover of staff which in turn helps maintain a higher standard, the result of a more effective management structure.

We commit to visiting sites regularly to see both staff and client our Managers often work on sites along side the operatives when the contract starts so they have a full understanding of the work that has been completed in a shift. All our Contract Managers are very proactive and will often make suggestions to our clients be it regarding a heath and safely issue, the need for a carpet cleaner or a new air freshener in the toilets.

We self audit and conduct monthly audits, we understand that first impressions are so important for our clients, their visitors and their staff, ensuring that a hygienic and clean building results in a safe and healthy workforce.

We partner our clients and from our very first meeting their individual needs are always taken into consideration with a detailed specification which is tailor made to their specific requirements, with the provision of realistic staffing number with sufficient cleaning hours.

We can provide a full range of services (please see our additional services listing) and are very proactive in supporting our clients with expert advise from our partners.

We work in an efficient and effective manner which is why our record of retention is outstanding. Our references speak for themselves.

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